2017 Is Going to Be Amazing ~ Dec 12, 2016

I’m currently reading The Harvard Psychedelic Club by Don Lattin.  I’m not far enough into the book to recommend it yet but it sure is interesting.  (And rest assured that I am not into psychedelics!)

The book is about the lives and work of Timothy Leary, Ram Dass, Huston Smith and Andrew Weil.  I’ve been a fan of Weil’s since I read his first book in the 90s.  As a young medical student, he came to believe that what one sees with their mind can actually change their physical reality.

The mind can heal the body . . . a radical concept when Weil was in medical school in the 60s.  It’s not so radical any longer however it is always something to contemplate.

We all need reminders . . .

If our mind can help heal our body, then why would we want to give energy to negative thoughts and experiences?

If our health can be affected by where we focus our energy, then why would we focus it on negative thoughts and experiences?

So, my radical suggestion for the day is . . . let’s decide right now that 2017 is going to be an over-the-top amazing year!

After all, it can’t possibly hurt to put our attention on the life we want to live . . . one of peace and joy and health and success.

So, let’s do this together, okay? (I need reminders too!)

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With gratitude and warmest holiday wishes,

Karen Ely, Founder/Director

Sedona Women’s Institute

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