60 & Beyond

Fully Engaged and Living Life to the Fullest
Briar Path Inn ~ Sedona, Arizona
April 13 – 16, 2018

Experiencing and living life should become limitless when we age.
Aging should be liberating. We no longer have the same concerns
as we had in our youth. After middle age,
the pursuit of happiness should be our goal.
~ Shirley MacLaine

60 is not the new 50.

It is something completely different. It is less about sticking with what you’ve always done and more about doing what brings you joy. Less about safety and more about taking on a new passion . . . or revisiting one you lost along the way.

It’s about a time of seeing, probably for the first time, how precious time is . . . and how quickly it’s moving. Of understanding you’re not too old to start a new life. That if you’ve always wanted to write, then you should write. If you’ve always wanted to paint or learn a musical instrument, then you should do it. It is finally time to do what brings you joy.

Bruce Frankel, author of What Should I Do with the Rest of My Life: True Stories of Finding Success, Passion, and New Meaning in the Second Half of Life, talks about the surprises he discovered while doing research for his book. “They rarely referenced their own ages. They were more focused on what they were going to do next, how they were going to improve upon what they had done, what they were dreaming up. I continue to be surprised by how agile of mind and body they were, how intellectually challenging, how resourceful and how determined they are to make a difference in ways we often more associate with young adults.”

According to actress Shirley MacLaine, “Limitations? Those are only what you think they are and nothing more. Set your goals, go after them and don’t be afraid to experience a part of yourself you haven’t encountered before.”

If you can see 60 on the horizon . . . or you’re already in your 60’s, 70’s or 80’s, it is definitely not too late to create the life you’ve always imagined. Join me and a community of women who are interested in going into 60 and Beyond wide awake, fully engaged, and living life to the fullest.

We’ll spend our time walking quietly in nature, sitting joyfully in circle, journaling, enjoying a purely Sedona experience, meditating, working experientially in small and large groups, laughing, crying, eating chocolate mindfully . . . and in the process finding the direction for a fully-alive new life and a deeper sense of meaning.

Karen Ely is a speaker, facilitator, mentor and author who inspires audiences of women of all ages, incomes and backgrounds to live to their full potential. She is the founder and director of the Sedona Women’s Institute (originally A Woman’s Way), one of the country’s premier women’s programs, which has offered hundreds of programs and touched thousands of women all over the world since its inception in 2003. Karen is also the author of five well-received books, including: Daring to Dream: Reflections on the Year I Found Myself, A Retreat of My Own, Breathing Space: Mini-Retreats for the Heart & Soul, 21 Days of Gratitude and 21 Stepping Stones to a More Peaceful, Meaningful Life. A Safe Place to Stand will be published in 2017.

Karen’s commitment to issues affecting women has been a lifelong passion. It has led her through a vibrant 30-year nonprofit career—from domestic violence and sexual assault to drug prevention and welfare-to-work—that has assisted tens of thousands of women through difficult life transitions. Karen is an experienced facilitator with a commitment to assisting women in creating and living authentic lives of passion and joy.

The retreat will be held at the beautiful Briar Patch Inn, nestled in Oak Creek Canyon, just a few moments north of Sedona along the lush banks of Oak Creek. Located at the base of the surrounding red rock mountains, the spring fed waters of Oak Creek create a healing, magical oasis—a quiet blending of beauty, serenity, majestic canyon oaks, dappled sunlight, squirrels, sheep, and a caring staff. For more information, visit www.briarpatchinn.com.

RETREAT FEE: $895 ($350 is non-refundable; after February 15th, there are no refunds)

The retreat fee includes:
~ Welcome reception: 5pm Friday evening, April 13th

~ Facilitated retreat: Opening at 5:00 pm on Friday evening, April 13th through noon on April 16th

~ Breakfasts: Saturday, Sunday & Monday, April 14th, 15th and 16th

~ Lunches: Saturday and Sunday, April 14th & April 15th

~ Shuttle to and from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

~ Morning hike and afternoon excursion

~ Lodging in not included in the retreat fee, however our retreat cabin has 4 bedrooms (3 private, 1 shared), 2 ½ bathrooms, two fireplaces, a wonderful kitchen, 2 dining rooms and a large living room where we’ll meet daily. The most convenient and cost-effective lodging (and great FUN!) choice is to stay in one of the rooms in the retreat cabin. The cost is $225 (for 3 nights) for a shared room and $400 for a private room (for 3 nights). To reserve your space please call us at 928-254-1897. You will need to pay the entire three night fee (non-refundable) at the time of reservation. If you prefer something more private, there are also a variety of cabins available at the Briar Patch Inn. You can make your reservations through their website, www.BriarPatchInn.com or by calling them at 928-292-2342. OR you can choose another lodging choice in town as well.


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If you have questions, please feel free to call us at 928-254-1897.

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