A Retreat of My Own

Are you yearning for a quiet space to dream?

A time to reflect and rejuvenate?

A time to set a new course for yourself 
at your own pace and schedule?

AROMO-CoverA Retreat of My Own is a personal retreat guide developed by Karen Ely, founder/director of the Sedona Women’s Institute. It is a delightful and affordable alternative for women who aren’t able to attend a structured retreat but still want to be able to step back from their lives – to pause, reflect and relax – and begin to create lives of meaning and futures steeped in passion and joy.

A Retreat of My Own is for all of us who believe that the world will stop spinning if we are not caring for everyone and everything at all times. “Remember that nurturing yourself gives you the insight and passion to contribute more meaningfully to your world,” says Karen Ely, “but more importantly, it has the capacity to give YOU back to YOU!”

Cost: $13.95

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What a wonderful gift this book has been to me.
Every year several girl friends and I

and I gather for a long weekend away.
Each year we look forward to doing some 

of the exercises in this book. The experience has
brought us closer together and has also given each
of us many ahaas. Thank you! 

~ Linda S, KS

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