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A huge heartfelt thank you for the work you do in offering these programs for women.
If I had not attended, I would not be the person I am today.
~ Mary Jo, NY

Cathedral Gaze.jpgThe Sedona Women’s Institute (formerly A Woman’s Way) is committed to helping women achieve their potential, recognize and fulfill their dreams, and live authentic lives of meaning and joy by providing them with experiences, guidance and tools to support and empower their journey.

“Connecting women with who they are at the deepest level is the foundation of everything we offer,” shares founder/director, Karen Ely. Because other women’s wisdom and guidance were integral to Karen’s journey, she created A Woman’s Way in 2003. Since that time some of the finest facilitators in the country have led programs for thousands of women from all over the country and the world, attracting women from Europe, Canada, South American, Mexico, Australia and the Caribbean.

Women Participants Resting on the Rio Grande Bike PathOur vision is to touch the lives of even more women . . . by offering a wider array of programs, both online and in person, that help meet the needs of women from varied cultures, age brackets and socio-economic backgrounds . . . and through our facilitator training program so that others can carry this work forward and touch the world.

We know that inner work and personal growth takes courage and support and the understanding that you’re not alone, that there are women who have gone before and have moved from existing to thriving . . . and that others can lead inspired lives as well. We believe that the more women who awaken and step into their beautiful, vibrant selves, then the healthier our world will become.

Donna-and-Chris.jpgJoin us . . . for yourself, your daughters, your granddaughters, your mothers, your sisters and your friends.

It is our hope that what we provide will not only help to transform individual women’s lives but also our planet as a whole. Because we believe it is important work . . . and we believe it is time.

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