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Since 2003

Hundreds of transformational retreats

for thousands of women

in 10 states, 8 countries & 4 continents

Enriching the world . . . one woman at a time!


Connecting women with who they are at the deepest level is the foundation of who we are and everything we offer.

We are committed to inspiring women to do the things that inspire them and believe that together we can change the world.Find yourself at one of our Women's Retreats.

We know that inner work and personal growth take courage and support and the understanding that you’re not alone.

We know that there are women who have gone before and have moved from existing to thriving . . . and that others can lead inspired lives as well.

We believe that the more women who awaken and step into their beautiful, vibrant selves, then the healthier our world becomes.

We believe that if you’re looking for a more authentic, meaningful life, you will find support, guidance and skills by joining one of our retreats.

We believe that if you come to one of our retreats, you will leave with the possibilities for a more inspired, meaningful life.

Join one of our retreats . . . for yourself, your daughters,
your granddaughters, your mothers, your sisters and your friends.

We provide transformational women’s retreats because we believe it is important work . . . we believe it is sacred work . . . and we believe it is time!

A group of women who totally enjoyed one of our Women's Retreats.
The retreat was a beautiful blend of all the right ingredients . . . 

a safe, nurturing environment, great women, nature, and
insightful heart and mind-opening exercises.
I feel revitalized and passionate about my life again!
~ Michelle, OH


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