Jeanne Bessette

Who is Jeanne Bessette and why in the world is her painting and quote taking up half of our home page? That is a reasonable question and our only answer is . . . because our founder/director Karen Ely just knew it HAD to!

Call it grace, call it intuition . . . Karen just knew that the image of Jeanne’s painting, Star Reacher, was worth more than any thousand words we could put on our website.

Karen believes that Jeanne’s life and work speaks so clearly to the soul of who we are and why we do what we do that she stands as a beacon for other women.

And no one puts it quite as succinctly as Jeanne: “I imagine the best, most outrageous life I can imagine, then I go about the business of achieving that life. If I were asked to describe myself in one sentence, I’d probably ask for an extension.”

Watch our site for information on a 2016 workshop that Jeanne will be facilitating for the Sedona Women’s Institute. You’ll want to attend and we know that you will love her as we do.

For more information on Jeanne, please visit her website (as unique as she is)

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