I cannot begin to tell you the impact the retreat had
on my whole being. It was truly awesome. For the first time
in a very long time, if ever, I felt connected to an
amazing group of women. The weekend proved to me
that you can dare to dream and fulfill that dream.
~ Sharen, CT

We are so grateful for the thousands of women who have attended our women’s retreats and programs, and then been gracious enough to write and share their hearts with us . . . and now with you. Join our community, attend one of our retreats and programs, sign up for private mentoring, challenge yourself with our facilitator training . . . and we’re sure that you’ll feel like Sharen and the rest of these lovely ladies. We hope to meet you in person one day soon!

I suspect that you are the ‘guardian angel’
for many of us all over the world.
~ Susan, IL

Your program helped me be who I am,
and I am forever grateful.
~ Verna, NC

Yours was the best presentation of the conference.
~ Susan, UT

The retreat was truly one of those life-changing events
that one encounters only a few times during one’s lifetime.
~ Cheryl, OH

Much of my joy these days is due to your retreat I attended last year.
Now I am on my way to living my dreams again.
~ Karen, MA

The weekend was a beautiful blend of all
the right ingredients – a safe, nurturing environment,
great women, nature, and simple heart and mind exercises.
I feel renewed, revitalized and passionate about my life again.
~ Michelle, OH

Thank you for providing a safe and beautiful place
where I could get in touch 
with my dreams again.
~ Pat, AZ

The weekend was all – and much more – than I expected!
~ Janet, AZ

The retreat was one of the most treasured weekends of my life.
The best money I have spent on myself in a long, long time.
~ Kathy, OR

The weekend was the most nourishing and enriching experience.
There is nothing like a room full of like-minded, amazing women.
It was a privilege to be a part of the retreat.
~ Susan, NC

I cannot even begin to put into words what
your program has done to begin to change my life.
You gave me an opportunity to truly ask myself
what my dream is and begin to take the steps necessary
to make my dreams come true.

~ Susan, KY

A huge heartfelt thanks for the work you do
in offering these programs for women.
If I had not attended, I would not be the person I am today.
~ Mary Jo, NY

Thank you so much for the most organized retreat experience
I’ve ever attended (and I’ve been to tons of them).
~ Lynn G, CO

I am so grateful for the work you do.
It has helped me stay on a path to my new and wonderful life.
~ Kathy E, MN

The best part of my week is reading your e-newsletters.
They always gives me the spiritual nourishment and uplift I need
and always come at just the right time.
~ Christine S, CA

It has only been a few days since the most amazing weekend
of my life and I miss you already! I cannot thank you enough for the
insight and empowerment you provided over the weekend.
~ Caitlin, OR

I want to thank you for the insight and wisdom that you offer
those of us who are on the journey, just a few steps behind you.
~ Lisa, CO

It is so amazing the impact you have
on the lives of women
all over the world (me included)!
~ Diane W, British Columbia

I would attend every retreat you put on without any reservation.
I know I would go away a better person by the end
because of the staff and their skills
~ Kathy H, OK

I believe I still have a visible post-retreat glow. 
Thank you for so many gifts and tools and
such amazing memories to savor.
~ Karen, CA

The retreat was everything I wanted and more.
I left feeling so much stronger and more grounded.
The experience was more amazing that I dreamed.
~ Jan, CA

I really enjoyed my mini-retreat experience.
It was what I needed to help me get stronger and
more clarity on what I want, where I’m going and,
hopefully, where I will land one day.
Thank you ~ our time together was really inspiring!
~ F. K., Illinois

Thank you for a fabulous retreat experience.
It really helped me live into the reset time
afforded by this pandemic isolation.
~ Carla, GA

Keep doing what you do . . . I know you are making
such a big difference in the world.
~ Rene, AZ

Your wonderful words of wisdom, inspiration
and guidance give me the resilience to persevere.
~ Georgina, NY

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