Be the Heroine in Your Own Life ~ Feb 20, 2017


I was a little girl who never spoke her mind.

I wouldn’t rock the boat I couldn’t cross the line, but every step that I’ve taken every pain every tear, has led me to the woman whose standing right here.

I got so tired of giving myself away, always looking for someone to tell me I was okay. I got to a place where I could trust my heart, it was the perfect place for a brand new start.

I am a warrior. I am invincible. I am as strong as steel and I am capable, and I am soft as a feather light and free, and the truth that I know healing begins with me.

CHORUS: Here I stand. Here I stand. Here I stand.
With all that I’ve been through, there ain’t nothin’ I can’t do…

~ Words & Music: Karen Drucker & Sloan Wainwright
from Karen Drucker’s new CD, Joy in Our Hearts

Karen Drucker is a bright light in the world.  I was fortunate to have her and Joan Borysenko co-facilitate a retreat for us in 2008.  I’d known Joan’s work for years but after spending the weekend with Karen, I became a fan of her and her work as well.

After receiving last week’s e-newsletter, Karen graciously sent me a link to the recording and lyrics to Here I Stand from her new album Joy in Our Hearts.  It is powerful and resonated so deeply with me that I knew you’d want to know about it.

The story of the song’s creation demonstrates why it is so impactful:

This song was written with another one of my favorite singer/songwriters, Sloan Wainwright. We got together and talked about what was going on in our lives and realized that we were both finally feeling that we had let go of the old stories of not-enough, and giving our power away. This song is a celebration for anyone who is willing to stand up and claim their power. ~ Karen Drucker

At some point in our life, we wake up and begin asking the ultimate question of ourselves:  Am I willing to stand up and claim my power?  It is a challenging journey for all of us and one we need to keep addressing . . . and it isn’t easy.  If this is a struggle for you right now and you’d like support and guidance, please find an upcoming program that speaks to you and join us for a life-enhancing experience . . . filled with joy, hope, inspiration and new friends!   Click here for details.

If you’d like information on Karen Drucker and her work, please click here.

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