Explore. Dream. Discover. ~ January 3, 2017

For thirty years I have been on the ultimate journey . . . to uncover, discover, and live from my authentic self.

It has not always been an easy journey but it has delivered me to a place of such joy and meaning that it has easily been worth the challenges.

In those thirty years, there have been two things that have informed and transformed my life . . . books and international travel.

Books have opened my heart, expanded my mind and been everlasting friends.  My favorites have their own shelf on my bookcase and besides family photos, they would be the first things I saved in a fire.   You can click here to download my recommended reading list.

The first time I traveled overseas, I was hooked!  It opened my eyes and heart to the awe and wonder of a world past my own horizons.  To learn of other cultures, to spend time with people whose lives were so far different from mine, to learn so much about the geography, history, architecture, dreams and hopes of people in places I’d only read about . . . well, it changed everything for me.

If you dream of making 2017 your year to . . . Explore.  Dream. Discover . . . then join me for two international adventures that I believe will expand your horizons and open your heart!  And who knows where that will take you?

A Moveable Feast, May 21 – 29
Pack your bags and comfortable walking shoes for an eight-day immersion in the magical settings of Paris and the French countryside.  A Moveable Feast is for any woman yearning for inspiration, awakenings and the possibilities than can be found in the captivating French culture, one footfall at a time.  AND I have two spaces available in my French apartment:  May 17 – 24 so call me to make your reservation (928-254-1897).   Click here for details.

Out of Africa, October 26 – November 1
Experience the unique opportunity of stepping back from your day-to-day life and into the quiet charm of old world Kenya.  Ensconced in one of Nairobi’s most iconic manor homes-characterful, picturesque and enveloped in history-we will be surrounded by playful giraffes (with us all day, every day), sunny terraces & delightful courtyards, the beautiful Kenyan culture and the animals of the African Savannah.  Click here for details.

With gratitude and warmest new year’s wishes,
Karen, Founder/director
Sedona Women’s Institute

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