I Am (an Older) Woman. Hear Me Roar!

AND it is definitely OUR TIME to roar!

The photo above comes from one of the 60 & Beyond retreats I offered several years ago.  They attracted so many women who were searching for meaning and vitality as they moved into their 60s and beyond and I know that many of you are searching for the same.

And at 73 it is still a topic of great interest to me and I believe it is also a vitally important topic for our time.

 Ironically, I found by 60 you’re free again.
So you’re the same person you were at 9 or 10, only now
you have your own apartment, you can reach the light switch,
you hopefully have a little money. So you can do what you want.
~ Gloria Steinem

The New York Times had a wonderful article on this topic recently, I Am (an Older) Woman. Hear Me Roar by Jessica Bennett, with many examples of women who saw 60 and beyond as just numbers, not limitations:  Glenn Close won a Golden Globe at 78, Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the House at 78, Florida representative Donna Shilala took office at 80.

If it is definitely YOUR time
then check our these opportunitities . . .

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND:  If you’re looking for inspiration, hope, support and a community of other women 60 and beyond and yearning for the same, then give yourself the gift of Our Time, because it definitely IS!

And for the first time I am excited to offer two virtual retreats in 2020!  Becoming . . . You! offers a retreat via conference line, the full retreat experience without leaving home!  Just you and me and other women who are also becoming.  Fun and meaningful and inspiring!

MEANINGFUL HOLIDAY GIFTS?  For those searching for the perfect gift for a woman on your list both Our Time and Becoming . . . You! would be perfect choices!  Or gift yourself with one of them!

With gratitude for kindness and silence . . . and you,

Karen Ely, Founder/Director
Sedona Women’s Institute




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