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Let’s talk about Our Year of No Shopping!


ON DECEMBER 28 I sent out My Year of No Shopping eNewsletter . . . with some trepidation.

Would you think the suggestion was odd? Frightening?  Or intriguing?

Would you wonder if I’d lost my mind?  After all, what woman wants to give up shopping?

And then I waited . . . hoping . . .

AND YOU JOINED ME!  Fabulous . . . because together we can share and support and guide each other through an intriguing year of what I am now calling Mindful Shopping . . . and see where it takes us.  We might even find other things we’d like to be more mindful about in 2018!

Maybe you’re not setting any shopping parameters for yourself (which is inspiring) but I knew I would have to create a realistic plan or I’d be doomed to failure with the arrival of the first catalog or Chico’s sale.  So I pulled out my journal and began to get clear on:

  • Why I wanted to make 2018 My Year of No Shopping: Because I wanted to live and shop more mindfully in every way . . . with my time, my spending and my footprint on the planet:  Ooo, there’s a 40% sale.  Ooo, that’s a cute new shop.  Oh my, I just wasted an hour perusing online shopping sites.  So, I drew a line in the sand . . . and have chosen to live and shop more meaningfully in 2018 and beyond.
  • What I choose to give up: Mindless consumerism . . . just ordering or bringing home any shiny object that catches my eye.  Therefore I set these parameters:  If I make a careful decision that I truly need a new coat/shoes/curtains/etc then I can look for it (and NOT buy two other things along the way).  Books are off my No Shopping list ~ they are necessities in my world. And so is anything at the grocery store.  And then I added another parameter:  Anytime I bought something new (that I had made a careful decision to buy), I had to give something else away.      

YOU CAN JOIN the No Shopping discussion by clicking on the button below and putting in the password.  If you are not a member and you would like to join our discussion, then call us at 928-254-1897 to register.


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