Are you ready for a Year of No Shopping?

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  1. Good Morning!
    I was intrigued by your No Shopping post. I had just received my VISA bill for December and could see that (even with the holidays) I had done some unnecessary shopping.
    I decided to take the challenge and set some “realistic” parameters for myself.

    #1 on my list was to avoid the shopping channel that I frequently watch in a very mindless way.

    #2 I live in a very cold climate and have many beautiful and (some Unworn) winter clothes. I decided to “enjoy” this winter wearing all of the clothes that I have in my closet. I have a pair of new UGG boots that I have been enjoying everyday and several beautiful outdoor jackets and sweaters that are barely worn. I decided I would “Shop my closet” until Spring hits and then reevaluate my clothes shopping.
    In relation to this: I have started to eliminate the daily emails that I receive from Talbots, Chico’s, Lands End and the other online stores where I have shopped.

    #3 I have decided to stop buying makeup, hair products, and skin potions as I have a closet full of these, many unused. I saw an ad for a new hand lotion and then realized that I already have a bottle of something similar that is basically unused. I also have a large bin full of small travel size items as I frequently fly to NYC. Again, I don’t need to buy anything else in this category.

    #4 I will still visit the grocery store, buy paper products, people food and bird food as my birds depend on my feeders when it hits below zero.
    I am also trying to curtail the purchase of cleaning products (again, I have a cabinet in my garage full of various cleaning products.
    I am not giving up books, taking classes, or attending theater or the expenses that surround trips to NYC.

    This challenge coincides with a full bath remodel that was just completed. As I reorganize my new vanity and other cabinets, I am also getting rid of unused or used-up items.

    My goal right now is to dedicate myself to the challenge for the next 4=5 months, and then see how I am doing.

    Thanks again for offering the challenge.
    I think it will be very revealing!

    • Hi Camille ~ Thank you for your willingness to jump on this mindful shopping experience.
      It’s great to have company and someone to share with. I love how carefully you’ve set your parameters and how committed you are to this process. Who knows where it will take us but I have already noticed a difference. My Chicos addiction has been curtailed because I don’t stop at the store anymore and have removed myself from their emailing list (along with a few others). I have also become more aware of how often I start to automatically click into shopping opportunities mentioned on Facebook and other online apps. And I have to say that it is a really, really good feeling. So stay in touch!!

  2. When I need something I usually go to the five thrift shops in town. I feel it a win win because, I am supporting charities and reusing an item that already exist. This also goes for Craig’s list and going to garage sales. I have a family so I am buying for a teenager and a husband, but when I do buy something new it usually a real need such as baseball cleats or shoes. I have to buy things for my brother because I am his conservator of his special needs trust. I always have a goodwill box in the garage and donate on a regular bases. I am very aware of this issue because my dad was a hoarder. I have seen first hand what letting your things get out of hand can do. I try to buy food at the farmers market instead of the grocery store. I am planning to spend my money this year on experiences such as a workshop instead of things. This is not just a one year challenge for me but a way I live my life.

    • How inspiring you are, Barbara! I agree so much with your commitment to spending money on experiences instead of stuff. My oldest daughter and I did that with Christmas this year. Neither of us really need a thing so we went to a fabulous holiday concert instead and left with wonderful mother-daughter memories. And what could be better?! So keep us informed as you move forward with your No Shopping Year. And join one of our retreats ~ they are an experience you’ll never forget!

  3. I think that Barbara had an excellent point about spending money on “experiences”. Due to some health issues and attempts to downsize, I also feel that spending money on experiences is much more satisfying that buying a new jacket.
    Although I have only been doing this for a few weeks, I already see that the impulse to buy something goes away very quickly if I just give myself a little breathing space in between “seeing” an item, either in person or online and the actual purchase. Most impulse buying is, just that…impulse.

    • I agree, Camille. It has been a very interesting experience. I find it challenging when it applies to my darling little granddaughter but I’m still holding strong. Other than that, I’m sticking with my plan, which gives me more time, more money and the knowledge that I’m not adding more “stuff” to my home and the planet.

  4. I just wondered how everyone is doing, almost reaching the end of the first month of “no shopping”. I am finding it easier in some way and more difficult in others.
    I have definitely broken the habit of buying things from a home shopping channel, or clicking on ads that appear on social media. Those things do not hold any pull for me now. Now that Spring merchandise (along with all of the beautiful colored linens, dishes, etc.) are starting to appear, I need to firm my resolve. I am still not tempted by new clothes as the weather here is in the single digits, but I do love new things for my home, especially those that carry the hope of an early spring. I have been visiting the public library each week and taking out magazines and cookbooks – two things I love to browse. All and all a good month and looking forward to February.

  5. You’re right, Camille, it has been an interesting month. I’m very surprised by how easy it has been to not shop. Shocking really. I have had moments when out with a friend where I think, “Oh that is so cute. Maybe I should try it on.” But then I remember my commitment and the desire just seems to disappear. Of course I have some exceptions: books and gifts (with restraint) and occasionally when I truly need something (although I cannot go into a store, not find the item I need and buy two more!). And whenever I buy something (which I have not yet), I have to give something away. So . . . so far, so good. And soon it is on to February!

  6. Hi All,
    I am very excited about this year of limited shopping. I have been going through my house and getting rid of things as I feel a need to simplify my life and space. My aim is a trash bag per week or more. My space feels very crowded both physically and psychologically. I have decided that I will not limit books, music, classes, and writing tools. I have also decided that I have allowed many items in my space to get shabby. I recently bought a new shower curtain, shelf paper and rugs and my space is so much more welcoming. So I guess I am going to limit impulse shopping and concentrate on mindful shopping that improves my life quality.

  7. Hi, This is great , thank you for letting me join along. I had to cut back on buying things this past year due to some changes in life so this

    is perfect for me & encourages me to continue on buying only what is necessary and not on impulse or wants, but rather Needs, It feels

    good to do this but at first I found it kind of frustrating but as time goes on its getting easier. I also want to go through my home & get rid

    of clutter or things I don’t want to be around anymore, one room at a time. And it should be an interesting year!!

    • I agree, Karen. The plan I made for my No Shopping Year was to shop mindfully . . . that is to shop only when I’ve decided that I actually needing something . . . and when I’m in the store, I’m not allowed to bring home other things I see. It has been surprisingly easy . . . I haven’t even stopped at Chicos in 6 weeks and I consider Chicos an addiction. The other thing I’ve done is removed myself from some of my online shopping sites so I don’t get their newest sales info (ncluding Chicos) and I take catalogs directly from my mail box to the recyling. And it really feels empowering!! Anyone else feel empowered by this experience?!

  8. After 7 weeks of No Shopping, it surprises how easy it has been. I am saving money and time but the surprise is that I am feeling so empowered by the experience! Anyone else feeling this?

  9. Hi Karen, I am also surprised at how easy it is especially if I don’t go into stores or read ads. I am also excited about the growth of my savings. I have found that I have more time and energy which has resulted I’m more time for writing and reading. I feel more in control of my time.

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