From Sea to Shining Sea

Five Parks ~ Five Years
Women’s Adventure Retreats

Our steps are not measured in miles but

in the amount of time we are pulled forward by awe. 

This is another gift from our national parks, to be led by the vistas,

to forget what nags us at home and remember what sustains us, the horizon.

~ Terry Tempest Williams


Wild places can unwind your mind.  Calm you.  Awe you.  And open you to the endless possibilities within yourself.

Each of us has a different reason for spending time in nature.  Often one of the things we seek is peace and solitude and the opportunity to find ourselves.  Being at one with nature can do that . . . and there is no better place to experience this than in our national parks.

Nature quiets the mind by engaging

with an intelligence larger than our own.

~ Terry Tempest Williams


If you’re an adventurer, an outdoor enthusiast or someone passionate about seeing and experiencing our country footfall by footfall, then this is the perfect retreat opportunity for you. You’ll sign up for From Sea to Shining Sea: Five Parks ~ Five Years and be in a rare and delightful community of women who will have the shared experience of spending fie days experiencing one, two, three, four or five of our national parks.

Our time together will provide the perfect mix of sitting in circle, quiet reflection, adventure, friendship, and immersing ourselves in the beauty of each park.

Join facilitator, Karen Ely, and a community of nature-loving women for the adventure of exploring our national parks ~ From Sea to Shining Sea.  Join us for the adventure, the beauty, the joy, the friendships, and for the opportunity of finding yourself along the way.


FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA includes five National Park retreats:


Acadia National Park (Maine)
October 1 – 6, 2018

The edge of the sea is a strange and beautiful place.
~ Rachel Carson


Acadia National Park, located off the rocky coast of Maine on majestic Mount Desert Island, will be our first outdoor adventure:  There are few places like it in North America:  mountains, abundant wildlife, majestic trees, granite cliffs, and the thunder of crashing waves.  We’ll venture along the ocean’s edge and follow famous carriage roads . . . traversing streams, ponds, cliffs and enjoying unbelievable ocean views along the way.

We’ll experience five fabulous nights (and wandering time) in Bar Harbor, reveling in the special mystique of one of Maine’s most beautiful and iconic villages.

Join our Acadia National Park adventure . . . a magical place that answers to the call of adventure, relaxation and self-discovery.  We’ll sit in circle, find time each day for quiet reflection, and revel in adventure, friendship, and our proximity to the spectacular Maine coast.

For full information or to register for this retreat, please click here.

Arches National Park (Utah)
May 20 – 25, 2019

A weird, lovely, fantastic object out of nature like Delicate Arch
has the curious ability to remind us—like rock and sunlight
and wind and wilderness—that out there is a different world,
older and greater and deeper by far than ours.
~ Edward Abbey


It’s no surprise that Arches National Park is one of the top national parks in America: 73,234 acres of majestic, eroded sandstone:  towers, gargoyles, hoodoos, balanced rocks, and, of course, arches.  The park offers an extraordinary landscape that includes the largest proliferation of arches in the world, a 36-mile scenic drive that crosses a vast and magical landscape of panoramic views with snowcapped mountains in the distance. At sunset the red rocks become saturated with the radiance of the sun; at sunrise, rays of light break over dramatic horizons. A new day in Arches is always a day of magic.

Moab, the only destination where you can experience two National Parks from one convenient location, will be our home for six days.  We’ll be just minutes from the entrance to both parks, experiencing sunrise over the towering depths of Canyonlands National Park and then following it up with sunset in the otherworldly red rock landscape of Arches National Park.

Join our Arches National Park adventure . . . we’ll raft along a section of the Colorado River, enjoy scenic drives and hiking through both parks and wander through Castle Valley, one of the most scenic drives in the country.  We’ll enjoy wine tasting and even some shopping in some of Moab’s most delightful boutiques.

We’ll sit in circle, find time each day for quiet reflection, and revel in adventure, friendship, and our proximity to thousands of square miles of amazing red rock landscapes.

Full fee information for this retreat will be available on May 1, 2019.  If you’d like to be the first to hear about it, please email us at


Grand Teton National Park (Wyoming)
September 6 – 11, 2020

Climb the mountains and get their good tidings.
Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.
The winds will blow their own freshness into you and the storms
their energy, while cares will drop away like autumn leaves.
John Muir


Grand Teton National Park is one of the most spectacular, awe-inspiring places in America. Occupying a majority of the Jackson Hole valley, the park is home to overwhelming, massive mountains, pristine lakes and rivers, and abundant, teeming wildlife.  Rising above a scene rich with extraordinary

The dramatic colors of the Grand Teton Mountains reflecting in the water on a clear summer morning.

opportunities, the Tetons are mountains of the imagination.

Our Rocky Mountain paradise will afford us the opportunity to hike along some of the country’s most majestic trails, raft a section of the famous Snake River, see some of the largest elk herds in the country, and enjoy everything that Jackson Hole has to offer:  fantastic lodging, wonderful cuisine, outdoor

adventures, and time to wander an iconic western town.

Surrounded by the towering Tetons, we’ll enjoy time each day for quiet reflection, sit together in circle and and revel in adventure, friendship, and the extraordinary beauty of Jackson Hole.

Full fee information for this retreat will be available in September 2019.  If you’d like to be the first to hear about it, please email us at


Yosemite National Park (California)
September 12 – 17, 2021

Yosemite Valley, to me, is always a sunrise, a glitter of green and
golden wonder in a vast edifice of stone and space.
~ Ansel Adams


Yosemite . . . not just a gorgeous valley, but a shrine to human foresight, the strength of granite, the power of glaciers, and the tranquility of the High Sierras.

First protected in 1864, Yosemite National Park is best known for its waterfalls, but within its nearly 1,200 square miles, we will find deep valleys, grand meadows, ancient giant sequoias, a vast wilderness area, andso  much more.

Yosemite will provide us with the adventure of a lifetime: whether immersed in stillness, enjoying a nature class, or hiking in one of the most beautiful places on earth, we’ll find everything we need in Yosemite.

Our home while in Yosemite will be the Majestic Yosemite Hotel, known for its stunning interior design and architecture, specifically designed to highlight its natural surroundings, featuring Yosemite Falls, Half Dome and Glacier Point. The hotel holds a historic heritage as it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a National Historic Landmark.

We’ll sit in circle, find time each day for quiet reflection, and revel in adventure, friendship, surrounded by the extraordinary awe that is Yosemite.

Full fee information for this retreat will be available in September 2020.  If you’d like to be the first to hear about it, please email us at


Denali National Park (Alaska)
August 1 – 6, 2022

Other North American parks have their wildlife,
but none have animals so visible or diverse as Denali.
And other parks have their mountains, but none with a
stature so stunning, a summit so towering as Denali
~ National Geographic


Denali National Park is six million acres of wild land, bisected by one ribbon of road.  Ranging from relatively low-elevation taiga forest giving away to high alpine tundra and snowy mountains, culminating in North America’s

tallest peak, 20,310′ Denali. Wild animals large and small roam un-fenced lands, living as they have for ages. Solitude, tranquility and wilderness awaits us.

Denali was set aside to connect people to America’s past, a place that protects present wildlife and amazing landscapes for our enjoyment and that of future generations, and a place that celebrates the individual’s opportunity to experience inspiration, reflection, awe, and wonder.

Kantishna Roadhouse, a historic bank country lodge, will offer us an all-inclusive once-in-a-lifetime Alaskan travel experience. Located 90 miles inside the pristine natural wonder of Denali National Park in a remote area where few are lucky enough to travel, we will find adventure, tranquility and an escape from every-day modern life.  In the heart of Denali National Park, we will enjoy deluxe log cabin accommodations, wonderful meals, hiking, nationalist programs and the chance to observe wildlife and experience the breathtaking scenery of Denali Park — up close and personal.

Full fee information for this retreat will be available in June 2021.  If you’d like to be the first to hear about it, please email us at


KAREN ELY is a speaker, facilitator, mentor and author who inspires audiences of women of all ages, incomes and backgrounds to live to their full potential.  She is the founder and director of the Sedona Women’s Institute (originally A Woman’s Way), one of the country’s premier women’s programs, which has offered hundreds of programs and touched thousands of women all over the world since its inception in 2003.  Karen is also the author of five well-received books, including:  Daring to Dream: Reflections on the Year I Found Myself, A Retreat of My Own, Breathing Space: Mini-Retreats for the Heart & Soul, 21 Days of Gratitude and 21 Stepping Stones to a More Peaceful, Meaningful Life. A Safe Place to Stand will be published in 2018.  Karen is an experienced facilitator with a commitment to assisting women in creating and living authentic lives of passion and joy.  For more information on Karen, please click here.

BETH BRYCE is an award-winning Career Strategist & Transformation Coach, writer, and founder of Daring Circle Ranch, successfully coaching hundreds of women through career and life transitions. Beth is a retreat facilitator through Sedona Women’s Institute, Mastermind facilitator and a member of the (ICF) International Coach Federation.  She’s passionate about helping others create their own Life Revolution – an authentic life, filled with passion and joy beyond their wildest imagination!  In 2012, Beth embarked upon her own “Eat, Pray, Love” journey traveling throughout the United States searching for the strength to finally begin living her dreams. Beth ultimately wrote about her life revolution as a featured co-author of Women on Fire: Volume 2 (2014). Her chapter is titled, “I’m Marrying Me.” For more information on Beth, please click here.

NOTE:  There is only space for 10 women in this program.  Once registered, you can attend one, two, three or all four of the adventure retreats. 


In order to register for the From Sea to Shining Sea: Fiver Parks ~ Five Years retreat series a $600 registration fee is required.  This will ensure that you will be the first to hear about each upcoming retreat in this adventure retreats series.  You can then attend one two, three, four or all five retreats.

Each adventure retreat will require an additional fee to cover lodging, meals, excursions and individual retreat costs.  The details of each of the individual adventure retreat and its cost will be provided at least one year prior to the date of that retreat.


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