Facilitator Training Program Testimonials

Uplifting the world . . . one woman at a time!


This Facilitator Training Program is
the best training I have ever experienced.

~ Patricia, AZ


Thank you so much for the fantastic training . . . the entire program rates right up there with all of my most meaningful experiences, EVER!!  Like everyone else’s comments, I will never forget this week!
~ Cathi, ME


I believe key to my success has been the training program’s tools, resources, and methodologies for conducting group experiences. Karen Ely is a masterful teacher in women group dynamics & providing safe spaces for in-depth exploration in the matters of the heart and soul.  My clients are better served by me because of my work with the Sedona Women’s Institute and my life’s work has been deeply enriched!   ~ Beth, NM, Daring Circle Ranch


This opportunity was unlike anything else I’ve experienced for expanding and growing my skills and abilities as a master facilitator ~ way better than grad school!  ~ Julie, ON, Canada


Thank you for opening your arms wide to welcome me into the Facilitator Training Program.  You have made a huge impact on me and my journey. ~ Patti, MI


Powerful program!  I’m so grateful for every experience and honored to be part of such an extraordinary organization.
~ Terry, CT


As a newly retired classroom teacher, I was searching for a way to make a difference in the world, and I found it in in the Sedona Women’s Institute’s Facilitator Training Program.  The training nudged me toward a dream that had been whispering to me since my nest emptied.  It helped me to understand myself better, and gave me the tools to launch my dream of making an impact on women’s lives.  I am now the proud owner of my own women’s retreat business. ~
Deanna, CA, New Pathways for Women


The Facilitator Training Program was an invaluable learning experience from the facilitators to the mentors to the amazing women in the program.  Thank you for providing us with this amazing opportunity.
~ Shelly, FL


The Sedona Women’s Institute’s Facilitator Training has changed my life. This program covered every possible aspect of beginning a new venture: from online curriculum, one-on-one mentoring, twice monthly conference calls, and a “study buddy” for support. In addition, the culminating 6-day practicum was a comprehensive retreat that helped me actually launch my business!.
~ Carol, NJ. Retreats Women Want


This training changed my life!  ~ Karen, CA

This program has been a true journey to my feminine soul who is rejoicing at being heard. ~ Delyn, MA


The Facilitator Training Program’s practicum brought together the entire 6 months of the training . . . so well put together.  Transformative personally and professionally. ~ Heather, DE


This training opened up my world to a myriad of personal and business possibilities. The organization of the online curriculum was extremely professional, easy to navigate and very comprehensive. It was six months of my life that I will never forget and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for  the richness and joy of the experience
. ~ Janine, ON, Canada


I have learned more about ME through this program than at any other time in my life. ~ Pat, AZ



The Facilitator Training Program helped me gain so much strength and confidence.  Thank you for your inspirational training . . . through it, I have grown into a wonderful wholeness I never thought possible. ~ Ellen, CA


I am so grateful for this opportunity to process my personal and spiritual growth journey and to have such an outstanding format to synthesis my learning. ~  Lisa, IL, LisaSparagna.com


I have always had faith in my own concepts that are logical; I now have much more faith in the impossible. Thank you so much for the gifts I’ve received in this program.  ~ Karen Chun, Vietnam


This is such a heart-felt, soul centered, transformational program . . .
changing lives one woman at a time, starting with me! 

~ Deanna, CA, New Pathways for Women.


CLICK HERE to watch a Facilitator Training Program slideshow:  Lead with your Heart.

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