What’s on your bucket list? March 20, 2017

I just saw a great quote I wanted to share with you:  “You know all those things you’ve always want to do?  You should do them!”

To which I thought, “Why not?  Why not begin today?”

And then my inner critic began whining, “Where will you find the time?”  “You shouldn’t spend that much money.”  “You’re really too old to do such a thing.”
So I had a quiet but firm conversation with Nigel (the name I’ve given my inner critic) that went something like this: “I know you’re just trying to protect me but you don’t run my life.  I do!”

And then I went ahead and began working on two new European retreats for 2018 ~ YAY!  And Nigel was quiet . . .

If you’re struggling to move forward, looking for a way to quiet your Nigel, and don’t know where to begin, I’d suggest you begin with the exercise below.  Do it with an open mind and an open heart and you’ll be surprised where this will take you.

Find a peaceful space where you won’t be interrupted.  Sit quietly, softly closing your eyes for a short meditation, then set an intention for this exercise to give you the best possible information.

Open a black page in your journal, set a timer for ten minutes and create your bucket list.  Try to do this quickly without second guessing your bucket list items.  This will keep you more in your right brain and help silence your inner-censor.

Once your time is up, reflect on your bucket list and what it could mean about your potential passions by answering the following questions:
Are there any surprises on your list?  Make notes next to them.

Do any of your items have a common theme? For example: adventure, play, travel.  Make notes next to each of these

What are some career paths that appear on your list? For example:  entrepreneur, social worker, writer, travel agent, artist.

Out of the items on your list, put a heart next to the ones that touch your heart the most.

Looking at your heart list, pick two that you’d most like to accomplish or experience and write them at the top of two new pages (one/page).

On each page, make a list of steps you can take to begin exploring or accomplishing that heart list item (These can be small baby steps), noting what you can due this month or next month or this year in order to start moving you forward.
I hope this moves you from “I can’t do this.” to “Why not?”

If I can help in any way (or if one of the choices on your heart list includes joining a women’s retreat), just email or give me a call.  I always love hearing from you!

With gratitude and warmest spring wishes,
Karen, Founder/Director
Sedona Women’s Institute

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