You’re Only Old Once!

Reimagining & Celebrating the Gift of Aging
Sedona, Arizona   .   December 4 – 7, 2020


As a friend of mine often shares, “old age is not for sissies.”  We look in the mirror and we are dismayed by the face and body we see; we notice that we can easily sit on the floor however getting up can be a challenge; we (and many of our friends) are facing hip or knee surgeries; we are beginning to lose people we love . . . on and on ad nauseam . . .

However, there is something profoundly liberating about aging and I believe Shirley MacLaine says it best:

Experiencing and living life should become limitless when we age.
Aging should be liberating.  We no longer have the same
concerns as we had in our youth. After middle age,
the pursuit of happiness should be our goal.
~ Shirley MacLaine


If you’re ready to make happiness and fulfillment your goal,
then you will want to join us for a celebration of aging! 


We will begin our journey with Joan Chittister’s insightful book, The Gift of Years: Growing Older Gracefully (which you will receive when you register) and then gather together for a Sedona weekend of fun, laughter, friendship, possibilities and new opportunities for embracing and celebrating what is possible as we age.


We’ll get to know ourselves better . . . not the old version but a truer understanding of the woman we were born to be and how we can live into her.

We’ll embrace the power of enduring friendships . . . how they have shaped our lives and ways we can find, create and nurture enduring friendships.

We’ll develop an attitude of gratitude . . . transforming our ability to more deeply enjoy who we are and what we can provide to the world.

We’ll understand that our days are too precious to waste . . . embracing the liberation and joy that comes with age.

We’ll listen to our own voice . . . quieting the chatter around us so that we can hear the whispers of our own soul.

We’ll embrace the freedom of growing older . . . understanding the right to be us, rather than someone else, perhaps for the first time.

We’ll let go of old constraints  . . . embracing and celebrating the amazing women we are!!


When I realize that freedom is really the right to be me,
rather than someone else ~ perhaps for the first time in my life ~
the liberation of the soul begins. And with it the unshackling of
the mind. I can become something new, as well as
simply more of the old.
~ Joan Chittister


JOIN US for an experience of friendship, joy and celebration!  We’ll start each morning with yoga, Tai Chi and meditation; we’ll hike Sedona’s most iconic trails, we’ll gain clarity in silence; joy in in friendship; and insights in daily circles.


Karen Ely is a speaker, facilitator, mentor and author who inspires audiences of women of all ages, incomes and backgrounds to live to their full potential. She is the founder and director of the Sedona Women’s Institute (originally A Woman’s Way), one of the country’s premier women’s retreat programs, which has offered hundreds of programs and touched thousands of women all over the world since its inception in 2003. Karen is also the author of five well-received books, including: Daring to Dream: Reflections on the Year I Found Myself, A Retreat of My Own, Breathing Space: Mini-Retreats for the Heart & Soul and 21 Stepping Stones to a More Peaceful, Meaningful Life. A Safe Place to Stand will be published in 2021. Karen has a lifetime of retreat facilitation experience and a deep commitment to assisting women in creating and living authentic lives of passion and joy. For more information on Karen and her work, please click here.


The retreat will be held at the beautiful Briar Patch Inn, nestled in Oak Creek Canyon, just a few moments north of Sedona along the lush banks of Oak Creek. Located at the base of the surrounding red rock mountains, the spring fed waters of Oak Creek create a healing, magical oasis—a quiet blending of beauty, serenity, majestic canyon oaks, dappled sunlight, squirrels, sheep, and a caring staff. For more information, click here.



RETREAT FEE: $795 ($350 is non-refundable; no refunds after September 1st)

The retreat fee includes:

~ Welcome reception (with light dinner): 5pm Friday evening, December 4th

~ Facilitated retreat experience:  From 5:00 pm on Friday evening December 4th through Monday morning, December 7th

~ Breakfasts each morning

~ Lunches on Saturday, Sunday afternoons

~ Celebratory final dinner on Sunday December 6th at one of Sedona’s  iconic restaurants

~ Joan Chittister’s insightful book, The Gift of Years: Growing Older Gracefully (which you will receive when you register)

~ Lodging is not included in the retreat fee, however our retreat cabin has 4 bedrooms (3 private, 1 shared), 2 ½ bathrooms, two fireplaces, a wonderful kitchen, 2 dining rooms and a large living room where we’ll meet daily. The most convenient and cost-effective lodging (and FUN!) choice is to stay in one of the rooms in the retreat cabin. The cost is $300 (for 3 nights) for a shared room and $400 for a private room (for 3 nights). To reserve your space please call us at 928-254-1897. You will need to pay the entire three-night fee (non-refundable) at the time of reservation. If you prefer something more private, there are also a variety of cabins available at the Briar Patch Inn. You can make your reservations for a private cabin through their website or by calling them at 928-292-2342.  OR you can choose another lodging choice in town as well.


TO REGISTER please click below:


OR call us for more information or to register at 928-254-1897 

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